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Oliver Hindle | London | Content Producer

Hi, my name is Oliver and I'm a Content Producer. I love pizza, sarcasm, memes and creating content across an extensive range of artistic disciplines. I'm passionate about storytelling and it's a recurring theme in all of my work.

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Playing musical instruments has always been something I've enjoyed and had a natural talent for. Among others, I can play the drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, ukulele, and synths. I also write lyrics, sing and produce my own music. There are many genres that I have experience composing, but I tend to gravitate toward Pop Punk and Electronic.

Since 2006, I've written and recorded hundreds of songs under many different monikers and performed at gigs and conventions all across the UK. I've remixed and worked with successful artists such as The Lonely Island, I Fight Dragons, Nerina Pallot, Wheatus and Detroit Social Club

My music portfolio and more info about my musical projects can be found here.


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I started making videos and animations as a means to promote my music but quickly found that it was something that I had an affinity for. I've since recorded hundreds of videos and animations, distributing them through YouTube.

My first successful YouTube Channel was based around the music I produced under the moniker Superpowerless. It mostly comprised of my music videos, live performances, remixes, and covers. The Channel currently has 4.7 million views and 8k subscribers, but I ceased uploading in 2013 as my priorities shifted to subsequent projects.

In 2013, I started a new YouTube Channel under the moniker Oliver Age 24. On this channel, I play a character that tends to be deeply inept but completely unaware of it. It originally started as a series of parody drawing tutorials which went viral. In these videos, I draw terribly but refer to myself as a professional artist. With the rapid growth of views and subscribers, I prioritised my time to this channel and began expanding the range of videos I produced for it.

The channel now contains vlogs, music videos, sketches, and live streams in addition to the parody drawing tutorials. I currently have 150k subscribers and 15 million views. 

My YouTube Channels and more info about my video projects can be found here.




In 2014, I began working as a Digital Marketing Assistant (Later promoted to Content Producer) at Bossa Studios. Working at a Games Studio and taking part in the monthly internal GameJams inspired me to start learning how to make games.

I spent 2 years making very small prototypes and learning the basics of Unity3D, game design and Visual Scripting through PlayMaker.

The first game I intended to finish was called Horns of Fury. The game started out with just a 2D Unicorn flying around an empty screen. The idea was that anything else that would be subsequently added to the game had to be based on a suggestion from my YouTube audience. It was an interesting social experiment and great practice for developing a wide range of features, but the development of the game was much slower as a result. 

In December 2015, I started work on a game called Purrfect Date with my girlfriend, Ruby, as a fun project for us to work on together. After a couple of months of planning, writing and development, we thought we had something that other people might also enjoy.

We decided to post the game on Steam Greenlight. It received a lot of positive feedback from influencers, press and the steam community. 2 weeks later, it passed through Steam Greenlight and has since been prioritised as our main project.

My game portfolio and more info on each of my game projects can be found here.

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