TV Appearances

Girls Can Code - BBC3 - 2016 - 2 Episodes
I appeared in both episodes giving Game Design advice.
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Mashed - Channel 4 - 6 Episodes
I co-wrote and hosted the mash-up clip show on Channel 4.
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2012:Mashed - 1 Episode
I was commissioned to record a song and animate a music video about Lonesome George, the last of his kind Galapagos tortoise.
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Rude Tube - Channel 4 - 1 Episode
My song and music video "Emus Are Beautiful" was featured within Season 8 Episode 2 'Badass Beasts'.
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Game Appearances

I am Bread - 2015 - PC/PS4/iOS
My song 'I am Bread' was featured within the game.
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KatataK - 2014 - iOS/Android
I did voice-acting for one of the zombies within the game.
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Web Series Appearances

Doraleous and Associates - 2014 - 1 Episode
I was featured as a special guest Voice Actor within the show as a one-off character.
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Trapped in Technology 2012 - 6 Episodes
I produced all of the music for the series and occasionally did some backing vocals.
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Mashed Commissions - 4 videos
I was commissioned to create several videos for the Mashed YouTube Channel.
Epic Space Opera
Rave On The ISS
How To Politics Really Good
Make Peace Through War


Panel/Event Appearances

Channel 4 - Panel - 2014
I was on a panel about TV Shows working with YouTube Influencers.

EGX - Go 8-Bit : Focus on Career - Panel - 2014
I was on a panel speaking about careers in the Games Industry and how I applied for my job at Bossa Studios through a video rap application.

Special Effect - GameBlast 15 - 2015
I was interviewed as part of GameBlast 15 - a 48-hour live stream raising money for Special Effect who use video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.