Music Work

Music Producer

Since 2005, I've written, recorded, produced and distributed hundreds of songs under many different monikers. Most of my earlier material was released for free, but I've created a Spotify playlist of my commercial releases below. They're also available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and most other online music platforms.



From 2006 to 2013 I produced music under the name of Superpowerless. The music was a mixture of Pop Punk and the sounds of retro video game systems. Using a Commodore 64, NES and Circuit-Bent Gameboys, I created retro sounding game music (chiptune), combined with guitar parts and vocals.

I rapidly grew an online presence by covering and remixing popular songs. I then assembled a live backing band of my musician friends in order to perform my songs live at gigs and conventions around the UK. 

Over the duration of this project, I remixed and performed with various successful artists, recorded hundreds of songs and played at many venues all across the UK.

In 2009, I won an MTV/Vodafone competition called Fast Track. The prize was a professionally recorded music video and studio time to record an EP. The music video was then aired in rotation on MTV in 29 countries.

Mr. Weebl Live Band

In 2014, I performed live on stage with Mr. Weebl as part of his live band at Summer in The City, which is the UK's largest YouTube convention for creators, fans and brands.

I wore sunglasses indoors, the international symbol of cool, and played the keyboard so hard that it swooned off of the stand and onto the floor. Good times.